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Bling Is The New Black

From old world elegance to modern day glamour, the look this summer is fun, flirty and full of bling!   It’s a great saying, “bling is the new black”  but lets face it, from designer inspired necklace sets, earrings and bracelets to sparkling bridal jewelry, bling has always been in style.

Sparkling brilliance on a woman’s neck, ears, arms, wrist and fingers is the perfect way to dress up for any occasion, work or play.

As for colors, it doesn’t always have to be light and bright to make a fashion statement.  In fact, this summer we’re seeing black as the hot color trending strongly through every aspect of the fashion costume jewelry and fashion accessories marketplace.  More and more women today are sporting Austrian crystal stone encrusted hand bags and clutches which accommodate little more than the bare essentials like an iPhone and favorite shade of red lipstick.

Well those little crystal hand bags and clutches need fashion mates too so Austrian crystal chandelier earrings and stacked bracelets are the perfect compliment to complete the look.

They’re all available at Jewelrymine.com, your online store for vintage chic fashion costume jewelry that’s beautiful to wear and affordable to enjoy.

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Vintage Style Cameo Jewelry For Historical Reenactment Events

Historical reenactment timekeepers insist on accuracy and quality when they seek period reproduction fashion jewelry for their events.  They insist on detailed attention to authenticity in design in order to satisfy the high level of authenticity spectators come to expect from attending their events.

Jewelrymine.com has been serving Civil War Reenactment Guilds and living history events sponsored by Historical Museums nationwide for 25 years.  Jewelrymine is a name they can depend on to provide quality antique reproduction vintage style cameo jewelry for their historical reenactment events.

You too can be the belle of the ball at your next historical reenactment event where everyone will want to know, “where’d you get that great costume jewelry!”   Go to Jewelrymine.com today and browse the timeless beauty of their extensive collection of vintage style cameo fashion jewelry… vintage style cameo necklaces, cameo earrings, cameo bracelets, keepsake cameo lockets and cameo brooches.  The jewelry of a bygone era that’s beautiful to wear and affordable to enjoy.








Vintage Style Fashion Costume Jewelry – An Affordable Alternative

Fashion costume jewelry though relatively inexpensive is not always ‘cheap’ jewelry. Well made antique reproduction costume jewelry and vintage inspired fashion jewelry can be pricey especially if created during a particularly desirable design period that makes them the sought after collectables they are today.

Genuine Swarovski Austrian Crystal and Cubic Zirconia are the chief alternatives to the bling of fine gemstone jewelry and designer replica fashion costume jewelry is certainly fun to wear while making an inexpensive trendy fashion statement. Popularized by well-known fashion designers, more and more women are attracted to designer inspired period jewelry pieces. Even the rich and famous love to be seen wearing vintage style fashion jewelry as a fashion alternative to wearing fine jewelry, for security reasons, or just to have some fun while setting the latest trend. There are many who own famous or expensive pieces of fine jewelry that have costume jewelry replicas made for casual wear to avoid the risk of losing an irreplaceable piece of designer jewelry.

Vintage Inspired Wholesale Costume & Fashion Jewelry can be found at Jewelrymine.com, a New York based e-commerce wholesale fashion jewelry business specializing in vintage inspired Victorian style fashion costume jewelry that’s beautiful to wear and affordable to enjoy.

Jewelrymine was established in 1988 but its roots go all the way back to 1959 so they have the experience and longevity of an established fashion jewelry company. They have a loyal, worldwide customer base that continue to buy the latest in period reproductions and enjoy the superior customer service they have come to expect from Jewelrymine.

Contact Jewelrymine through their web site where a fashion jewelry specialist can answer all of your questions regarding their wide selection of vintage inspired fashion costume jewelry.  They offer outstanding customer service and support before and after the sale so shop with confidence.